Predestination poster


The movie begins with a time travelling agent, whose face is burnt while trying to disarm the bomb. He is taken to hospital where his face is undergoing facial reconstruction. The bravo has been trying to prevent the attacks by most dangerous Fizzle Bombers. He moves out on a sequence of journeys with his time travel device to prevent the attacks by the killers and to stop them from committing Crimes. He is now sent on his last and final assignment in 1975.

In his last assignment the criminal has flee throughout the time. Now, the man has to prevent the attack and if he doesn’t succeed in his mission there will be millions of innocent lives lost. Juggling into the past, present and future the time travelling agent needs to prevent the catastrophic attack by killing the Fizzle Bomber. But in the end, there is a huge amount of suspense that is revealed about the time travelling agent and the Fizzle bomber.
  • Genre:
  • Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Country:
  • Australia
  • Director:
  • Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
  • IMDb:
  • 7.5
  • Year:
  • 2014
  • Actors:
  • Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Christopher Kirby, Christopher Sommers, Kuni Hashimoto