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In 2009 epidemic which turned considerable part of mankind into vampires began. Not turned were pathetic 5% of the population of the earth, and now these people became a food source for vampires. Such is the image of the earth only 10 years later after the beginning of epidemic. And though people become in fact blood donors for vampires, bloodsuckers too are concerned by the developed situation. Blood becomes scarce goods therefore they look for a way to create artificial substitute.

Scientists hurry, all by their calculations of reserves of blood will be enough no more than for a month, and in the cities hunger already begins. The vampires who lost blood quickly degrade. In the conditions of hunting for people not infected continue to resist bloodsuckers. The hematologist by the name of EdWard Dalton – the vampire, but it takes a liking to people and manages blood of animals. Having met the people who united in secret group under the leadership of Lioner Cormac who mysteriously recovered from vampirism, Dalton finds a way to cure vampires.

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