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Brooklyn's Finest

As well as in any large city, in New York work of police officers is especially difficult: a set of areas, reign in each of which the gangster groups and the rules of conduct. The area, most difficult for work, is not prestigious Manhattan and not "sleeping" Queens, but Brooklyn – the area where the criminogenic situation where prostitution prospers developed decades, and with life organized Crime fills. Exactly here three main characters work.

One of them is already elderly and honored police officer who was tired from work to death and, having managed still to keep not only life, but also a good name, now wants one – to retire. The second – the detective is younger, faced financial difficulties and stepped into a shaky path of corruption. The third – the police officer who is working under cover in a gang and daily endangering the life. Once all three will appear in alteration which will affect their destinies absolutely in a special way.

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