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The Beguiled

Going on War with southerners, the corporal Mackberni was ready to a set of tests, but he definitely couldn't present that stay in the women's school Internet located in Virginia will appear the most difficult for him. Here the main character of the Drama Thriller "The Beguiled" got by a lucky chance. Near the road it was found the wounded by one of pupils who brought the man to the prior. It allowed it to survive. Women whom at school there were seven, with enthusiasm began to care of the wounded soldier.

Gradually the situation in board started becoming aggravated that didn't escape the prior Marta Fensvurt from attention. Everything only became complicated when John recovered and told rescuers the story. It instantly appeared in the center of intrigues. Women and girls began to fight for the right to win heart of the man rescued by them. It, without guessing possible consequences, with pleasure accompanies inhabitants of boarding house, having missed in the months spent in the War female attention. The soldier flirts with all heroines at the same time that will play with him a dirty trick – once women will decide to unite to revenge the artful temper.

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