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Machete – the severe and cruel murderer, to which in power performance of the most difficult tasks. He is Mexican, and many consider that the Machete – the simple performer of dirty work and the drug dealer and therefore underestimate it. However it is the most gross and most dangerous blunder what can only be made, working with the Machete, and soon a certain Booth will be convinced of it on the skin. She employs the Machete for murder of senator, promising to pay for performance of a task 150 thousand. dollars.

Having set up the performer of the order, Booth and to think doesn't think that actually the Machete – the former federal agent, much more dangerous, than seems at first sight and not got used to forgive offenses. The wounded as a result of Booth's intrigues, the Machete plans a fearful vengeance for which implementation addresses to old acquaintances. Team as a part of Luiz, Sartana River and the Padre to whom the Machete can trust, help the companion to carry out punishment, in passing spilling the rivers of blood and ruthlessly punishing enemies.

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