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Blue Valentine

Dean and Sindi here are some years in marriage, and every day their family life reminds a bad dream more and more. When they only started meeting, around anybody it wasn't more important than their and their feelings. Sindi was pregnant from other man, but it didn't influence in any way Dean's intention to connect with it the life. Sindi never was eager to be someone's wife but when in her life there was Dean, she reconsidered the views. Only now the love on which Dean and Sindi's relations kept, passed, and it was replaced by routine.

Looking at each other, they can't understand why we are married and why it to remain together. How it occurred? Perhaps, in all Sindi's wine, whose parents weren't happy in marriage. Maturing, she saw two unfortunate people who instead of normal communication shouted at each other and weren't able to solve the problems. Or perhaps the matter is that Dean too tries to correct everything, thus without understanding that is necessary for his wife and why the fairy tale ended.

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