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Alice in Wonderland

Alice Kingsley is 19 years old. Since the childhood it dreamed the Wonderland in which all not as in our world, but now Alice grew up and doesn't trust in fairy tales any more. Having received from Hamish, the son of the fatherly partner in business, the offer of a hand and heart, the girl runs from the Victorian party and directs for the white rabbit dressed in a suit who from nowhere appeared on a lawn. Having fallen in a rabbit hole and having got to the Wonderland, Alice by miracle escapes from toothy monsters and learns that locals wait for "Alice" long ago and are sure that it – that is necessary for them.

The matter is that the Wonderland withers under oppression of the Red Queen, and "brave day" in which the hero – our Alice – should lead troops against a evil just about will come. Alice meets the madman Shlyapnik, Sonya, Cheshire Cat, Tralyalya and Trulya , the White Queen and many other inhabitants of the magic country. Whether but the truth it "that Alice", or inhabitants of the Wonderland in vain hope for the heroine? Alice decides to fight.

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