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James Brennan had close ups for summer of 1987: it was going to be let in travel across Europe and to be prepared for study in Columbia University. Alas, James had to revise the plans when parents told him that they can't afford a trip to Europe, and study at university appears under the threat of failure.

Exit from this difficult situation only one – it is necessary to spend summer behind temporary job and slightly to correct the financial state. Good luck doesn't hurry to smile to James, and work for him is only in park of rest "Adventureland" – an institution where the most different people work. In the first day of work of James really fatal meeting waits – it is helped with a difficult situation by nice Emily.

Soon between them the mutual feelings complicated by a number of problems arise. First, Emily already consists in the relations with the adult married man, and secondly, James still wasn't defined by sense what exactly wants.

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