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In 2009 Adrian working as the geologist learns that shortly Earth will be lost: the neutrino stream which was caused by flash on the Sun, influences a kernel of Earth and heats it, and it will shortly cause the whole chain of cataclysms. As a result the mankind will disappear, distraught huge waves and storms.

After in 2010 the Group of Eight summit at which the U.S. President in a private situation informs on the developed state of affairs of heads of other states was called, they make the decision to organize the confidential project which purpose will be a preservation of human race. Creation in the mountains of China of several huge ships – so-called arks is planned – which 400 thousand will be able to contain. person.

For financing of the project aboard arks tickets at the fabulous price are on sale. In 2012 when accident is already close, the writer Jackson Curtice and all his family begins a long way to rescue.

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