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17 Again

Mike O'Donnell – the father of two studying at high school and it means that in relationship of two generations misunderstanding is enough. Mike is thirty seven years old, and besides family disorders he is pursued by failures at work. In other words, the wife wants divorce and therefore the unfortunate husband lives in the house of the school friend, and the chief doesn't wish to raise it, all the time choosing someone another. Mike very much would like to begin life anew, but it, alas, is impossible.

Or after all it is possible? Once Mike wakes up the seventeen-year-old teenager and, having hardly convinced the friend that it he, decides to completely change the not especially successful life, to construct good relations with children and will be able to help them than. The friend places Mike in school where his children study, and young daddy starts studying with them together.

He learns a lot of things about himself and the children, will become him the true friend and will achieve popularity at school. Now everything will be in a different way, and Mike will try not to repeat former mistakes.

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