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The Tourist

Quite recently the famous thief Alexander Pearce committed a Crime which else at a distant day will be forgotten in criminal circles. He robbed on 1,5 billion. dollars of own boss! Certainly, to disappear with such sum of money not simply difficult, and it is almost impossible therefore Alexander develops rather complicated plan. It sends Elise, the beloved, the message with instructions to Actions. Elise's task – to go to Venice, to find there the person similar to Alexander, and to make so that police believed that it is Pierce.

Having reached Venice, Elise chooses the victim – the tourist from America by the name of Frank. Now for Frank supervision from police is established and bandits, and to it, to the simple American teacher, it is necessary to protect the life very much. All know only one: Alexander Pearce performed plastic surgery so anyone can appear him. For now bandits, police officers and selling cops follow in Frank's tracks, Elise continues to carry out the role.

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