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The Other Guys

Couple of cops – the Item. To. Haysmit and Christopher Danson – the best in the work, they open the most difficult affairs, untangle the confused Crimes and catch terry criminals. But when there is a misfortune and skilled cops perish, two paper pushers should take up their place – the police officer from accounts department – to Allen Gembl and Terry.

However, if Gembl was quite happy with the office life and didn't look for Adventures, Terry always considered that is capable on bigger and believed that he wasn't lucky in life because his abilities weren't appreciated. And now to it the chance to prove out drops out. Only all trifle with them around, to workmates don't give the weapon and don't even allocate a patrol car.

But it can't belittle them enthusiasm, newly appeared workmates chase criminals on Allen's minicar and undertake the serious and very confused business. So mistrustful and derisive colleagues still will see, on what cops from accounts department are capable.

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