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Easy A

The schoolgirl of high school by the name of Olive should learn on the experience that such gossips and hearings. She carelessly told lies to the girlfriend as if lost innocence, and the local observer of moral studying at the same school carried this, to put it mildly, false information on all educational institution which is famous for Puritan customs and honouring of the Word God's. Attempts to quash rumor which extended with a speed of forest fire to what don't lead so Olive decides that any popularity is better than obscurity, and starts using the image "walking" to the full extent.

After it helps the fellow of nonconventional orientation to be rehabilitated in the opinion of the school public, local losers reach for Olive, popular guys pay to it attention, and almost all girls start hating fiercely. What now? Whether cost popularity of such victims? Really Olive will finally turn into the local pariah? Or not all is lost, and the reputation can be returned?

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