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Dear John

John Tayri – the private of forces of special troops of armed forces of the USA. In 2001, during holiday, John got acquainted with Savanna Leann Curtice – the nice student with whom at once I fell in love. The girl reciprocated to John, and they began the relations, without being afraid of partings and instead of farewell speaking each other "see you soon". They acquaint each other with the family though spent together only two weeks.

Having agreed to write each other, young people left, and John went back to army to spend a year more on service. Sometimes mail detained letters, but young people found a way out of a difficult situation: they began to number the messages not to lose a thread of conversation and to keep in contact with each other. Their plans for the joint future were interrupted by attack of terrorists on twin towers. Having followed the example of colleagues, John declared that wants to serve in army two more years. Letters from the Savanna for a long time become the only pleasure of John.

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