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Despicable Me

At Gryu , perhaps, the most unusual work on light. He is a villain of a world class, the king among thieves who hopes forever to become History due to new surprising theft. To Gr who is helped by the whole army of charming and fussy assistants (minions), I conceived to steal the Moon. Theft of the Moon – that can be more original and more sensational? For implementation of the ominous and brilliant plan Gr needs to get the special device.

And there is a problem which our hero didn't consider in any way: his competitor by nickname the Vector is in time to Gr earlier and steals the device. What now to do? To Gr notices that the Vector, greedy for a sweet, opens doors of the hi-tech mansion before three orphans – the little sisters selling cookies for the shelter benefit. The villain to Gr decides to adopt girls and to involve them in the artful plan, but he didn't expect in any way that in it the parental instinct will wake up. Perhaps to Gr at all such spiteful to what wants to seem?

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