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Ali – the girl from the small provincial town who remained absolutely alone. Recently her parents died, and now Ali is necessary to nobody so she decides to move to the big city and to begin new life there, to find love and to construct an own family. Ali adores singing and dances therefore the future wants to connect with performances in colourful shows.

Having found work in a burlesque club, Ali looks narrowly at his inhabitants and becomes amicable with Tess, the owner of club. Тess itself I was the dancer therefore she is in love with the business and in every way supports club. Once Ali is provided chance to appear on stage, and it proves. Having noticed big talent in the girl, Tess does her by the constant participant of representations in club, and Ali continues to sing and dance on pleasure to public. Such state of affairs isn't pleasant only to Nickel – the ambitious leading dancer who understands that Ali is much more talented than her and over time will take her place.

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