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The most dangerous of robbers specialize not on securities and jewelry, they steal the ideas hidden in depths of human subconsciousness. Getting into others dreams and designing in them own reality, they compel the owner of idea to give them the necessary data. Kob – one of such thieves who is compelled to disappear after death of the wife abroad and can't meet the children.

Once to it the offer to take root into a dream of the successor of the large company arrives and. not to steal, and to engender in his consciousness new идеюд Introduction of idea – difficult process, and Kob wouldn't be desirable to undertake this task, however the customer promises it as an aWard return home Having gathered a team of professionals, Kob starts development of the plan for introduction of idea Creation of difficult multilayered reality of a dream and filigree work with their subconsciousness объектаб is necessary to impudent thieves Work in the course of which sides of reality will begin disappearing.

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