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My Life as a Zucchini

In nine years of life Icarus seldom felt happy. The boy was brought up by single mother who, according to him, most of all loved not him, and beer. Once mother of the main character of the animated film "My Life as a Zucchini" died. For Icarus there arrived the police officer Reymond who to a paste was pleasant to the boy. They made friends, however the man simply couldn't retain the teenager, it was compelled to send him to orphanage.

The first days in a shelter became heavy for Icarus: it was difficult for it to adapt to new life, besides contemporaries teased it because of the big head. Then the hero after all managed to make friends with children. Icarus's life changes when bring the beautiful girl by the name of Camilla to a shelter. Having seen it, the hero falls in love.

She reciprocates to it and tells the story: parents died in accident, and it was taken to herself by the aunt who then brought the girl here. Icarus promises Camilla that won't allow the woman to take away it. Whether children will be able to overcome all difficulties, prepared to them destiny?

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