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Water for Elephants

Jacob Dzhenkovski – the young Polish veterinarian who moved to the USA in days of the Great Depression. After news of death of parents Jacob leaves the hometown, hoping to find work and the place in life. Having appeared in the train belonging to circus Benzini , Jacob accepts the invitation of the charismatic managing director Augustus and becomes the circus veterinarian. In those days circuses weren't especially popular with the population, money for their contents wasn't enough, and the animals who were seldom receiving worthy care were ill much.

Having accustomed to circus, Jacob shortly met Marlene – the nice trainer and Augustus's wife. Between young people the relations which had to be hidden from the despotic Augustus sometimes showing amazing cruelty to animals were soon entered. After death of the circus horse participating in a star turn, Augustus got an elephant cow for circus, and soon the knowledge of Polish very much was useful to Jacob.

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