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In Solar system there is a planet about which inhabitants of Earth didn't hear earlier. It is Melancholy – a huge celestial body which hid behind the Sun, but now comes nearer to Earth, and to avoid killing collision and death of mankind it is impossible. Having learned about approach of an inevitable doomsday, the main characters realize inevitability of the death and in own way for it prepare. Justine – the bride at a magnificent wedding which loses any interest by "the happiest day" of the life.

Friends and native don't understand it, but Justine all the same: it was overcome by a heavy depression, and so far guests continue to have fun, she looks at everything indifferent eyes and makes one rash act behind another. Clare, the sister Justine, tries to help the sister, but the Melancholy is closer, the less forces at it remain. Claire understands that will pass not enough time – and she together with the depressive sister and the little son will be lost, and no will power will help to overcome this last disaster.

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