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Kung Fu Panda 2

Beloved Panda from the animated film which broke records of popularity returned to please the admirers! In the second part the devoted fan of a kung fu On became Soldier Dragon. Now it with friends becomes on protection of the Great Valley. The violent Five — the Tigress with the Monkey, to the Mantis with the Crane and the Viper — it is necessary to help it. They have to resist to insidiousness of plans of Lord Shen. The disgraced son Imperator threatens the Valley with firearms.

Whether the Kung-fu-Master in War against such force will manage to stand? On it is obliged to reveal a secret of own origin — the doctrine of ancient fight gives it strength of mind. To go way of an internal pacification only to a victory! As always, the prophecy of Vesh at the right time comes: also there was a Black-and-white Soldier the reason of that the peacock burned the whole village of Pandas, killed many.

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