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Fright Night

Charlie Brewster – the senior who surely goes to success. He could join the company of cool children, drew attention of the popular school beauty, and prospect at him the most iridescent. The only thing that prevents Charlie to enjoy the more than successful life, - his friend botanist who after rapprochement of the hero with a cool party smoothly passed into category of the former friends.

The friend for some reason hammered into the head that he needs to cope with the vampire who allegedly lodged in the neighbourhood, and that Charlie's help in this responsible enterprise is simply necessary for it. Attempts to ignore the former friend lead to that that disappears so now Charlie is necessary own investigation. Results of investigation more than unexpected: the neighbor really behaves so as if is the vampire, and the girlfriend and Charlie's mother are involved in mysterious events. After emergence on the horizon of the Vegas showman Charlie understands that hard days are coming it.

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