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Cars 2

In a plot, still, main characters are the hero of the racing competitions Lightning McQueen and his faithful companion the wrecker by the name of the Master. The agent of the British investigation Leland Turbo leaves the video address for other agent with a call for help. Having received it, the agent Fynn comes on an oil platform where Leland wrote down the address. Professor Tseta arranged meeting of second-hand cars there. The agent was surprised by the photo from a suspicious television camera.

At this time pull out the flattened agent Turbo. At the sight of the poor friend Fynn opens himself, and behind it the pursuit begins. Despite it, he managed to deceive the persecutors, having hidden under water, having simulated the death. Again having won a victory on the Cup of the Big Piston, well-known the Lightning McQueen comes back to the hometown. There he meets the old friends, Metro and Sallie. At this time a series of new races in which racers from around the world will participate begins.

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