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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

While Jack Sparrow continues searches of the gone vessel "Black Pearl", governors of the European countries open hunting for the youth Source on a legend existing somewhere at far islands. Jack should join searches soon, having let in dangerous and unpredictable travel to the companies of old enemies, allies and the former beloved. Dzhoshami Gibbs , Jack's assistant from the past, is caught by the London authorities and sentenced to hanging. Rescuing the friend from inevitable death, the main character of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" arranges it escape.

But plans of men fall, and both pirates become captives of royal guard. However the English monarch decides to give to the former captain the second chance: if he joins expedition in search of eternal youth, will be pardoned. At the same time Dzhoshami steals the ancient card on which the way to the Source is laid from Jack, and, having remembered reference points, burns it. But the king of England – not only who wants to catch Sparrow in the team.

The terrible pirate EdWard Tech famous in narrow circles as the Black Beard and the voodoo practicing magic, forces Jack to get up on the party and to help his ship to the first to come to the Source. Onboard there is also EdWard's daughter – Anjelica once in love with Jack. But the main character who still have a tender affection for the girl can't be confident in purity of her thoughts. Whether there will be Anjelica with Sparrow or will side with the cruel father?

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