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Horrible Bosses

Regularly gathering behind a glass of beer, three friends endlessly complain to each other about the chiefs. But actually Nick, Dale and Curt at all not idlers and whiners – simply really wasn't lucky them with bosses. So for example, recently fast promotion therefore he began to see off on a workplace for 12 hours was promised to Nick, but soon it becomes clear that his chief Dave at all and didn't think it to raise – this was only a trick to force Nick to work even more and better. Other hero of the movie "Horrible Bosses", Dale, is compelled to suffer intolerable tricks from the doctor-dentist Julia Harris, whose assistant he is.

The woman who is obviously suffering from a nymphomania constantly solicits Dale, and also shows the obscene attitude toWards patients. Until recently only the accountant Curt couldn't complain of the head, after all Jack Pellit really couldn't cause any complaints. But when Jack decides to submit the cases to the son Bobbie, Curt's life becomes intolerable. The intolerable and incompetent young man compels it to renounce own principles and accuses of the failures of subordinates. The situation reaches before that work threatens private life, and chiefs terrorized all three friends dismissals. But Nick, Dale and Curt under the influence of alcohol come to absolutely other decision. Having received council from Jones known as the Bastard, they intend to employ the master of "murders"

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