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The main hero – the prospering doctor who decides to take rest from own service, and together with own surname invents to start in wandering. Having slightly thought, the sWarm straightens out own selection in the Bahama islands. Later the doctor and the spouse quite planned the route, and went to distant wandering. First they felt to themselves as if in a parable: bluish stream, spotless beaches. Roy to admire rest, and that here as if any person doesn't disturb them in any way.

However probably lasted shortly. Once I left role to deliver lunch, and in compliance with return I found as if its sWarm I was gone, and in a lunch place the book reclined. In it was available it is said as if the physician needs to make the concrete necessary sum of means and to give it to thieves therefore as if the sWarm has opportunity to suffer.

The devil directed in police and plenipotentiary representation because of support. To it said as if by all means will be fond of siy voprosets , however the man becomes hysterical as the moment battles not in its benefit in any way, and decides to light up search of a family without the aid of others soon.

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