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What Maisie Knew

Maisie is a six year old girl born to Susanna and Beale who have a disturbed relationship. Once her parents decide to divorce each other they fight over the child’s custody. The two have never watched their Actions and words infront of the girl and while they fight for her custody the basic idea is to avenge the other. She is primarily taken care of by her nanny.

Beale marries the nanny while Susan as a spite on him marries a bartender whom she does not know well. Maisie is shuttling between her parents but the real care is taken by the nanny and the bartender.

Maisie Warms up toWards her mother’s new husband and eventually as luck would have it, the nanny and Lincoln also get along well each other giving Maisie a new set of parents who love her more than her biological ones.

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