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This is an animated black and white movie which begins with young Victor and his dog Sparky’s love and affection. But unfortunately, Victor’s pet dog dies in an accident and this hits him too hard as Sparky was his only best friend. The boy becomes so upset with this and he wishes to bring him back to life. The next day in his school, all the students are thought a new and amazing science experiment in which they apply electrical charges to the nerves of dead frogs and make the dead frogs move.

Victor who loves science and experiments gets an idea of bringing life back into Sparky with this experiment. That’s when he runs to the cemetery and brings him to the attic where by applying the electrical charges he finally brings his dead friend to live. When Victor’s secret comes in front of his classmates, soon all the kids follow the same and bring their dead pets to live. Watch out the movie to know what happens next.

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