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The story involves a TV reporter, Nina who makes friendship on the internet with a handsome teenage boy who works for an underage porn association. Nina’s only aim is to expose them in her news but unfortunately FBI gets to know about this and both Nina and Kyle are into trouble. On the other hand, a high school nerd is bullied by his friends and the bullying reaches to an extent where they create a fake profile of a girl on facebook and asks him to send his intimate pictures and reveal them, which gives an undesired outcome.

The story also has Cindy and Derek, the unhappy couple who try to find comfort and happiness on internet after their child’s death. Cindy gets into a guy in chatroom and ends up being bankrupt by him. They appoint a cyber Crime investigator, Mike who does his investigation to find the fraud. The unexpected unhappy consequences they had to face due to today’s wired world is what relate them.

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