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The Dark Tower

Events of this fantastic movie occur in the alternative Universe. This world which is remotely similar to our reality, endured a doomsday. People appeared in very difficult situation to survive, they should make difficult decisions. Now only who has force, dexterity and endurance can survive. They as if inhabitants of the Wild West, can rely only on the ability to shoot. The shooter it isn't simple calling, it is work and a way to survive. In this world the magic exists near the remains of technologies. And people try to construct a new civilization.

However the hope still remained. According to a legend, in the center of the universe there is a Dark Tower which is a Universe stronghold. It keeps all worlds from chaos and final fracture. Having got to the Tower, it is possible to change destiny of any of the worlds. The shooter Roland Diskeyn decided that he has to find surely the Dark Tower and save the world from death. On the way to this incredibly important purpose of the hero expects a set of obstacles and dangerous Adventures, however it isn't going to recede. His loyal friends and strong allies whom he will much meet on the way will support the shooter.

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