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The movie begins with a man named Parker, who is a professional thief. He has his own rules and he believes in never violating them. He believes that he must never hurt the innocent people and never rob the poor. His mentor, Hurley asks him to join a crew and takes its charge. The crew includes Carlson, Ross, Hardwicke and Melander. They go out on their job of robbing from the Ohio state fair and they succeed in it.

But Hardwicke kills an innocent man to save themselves and this aggravates Parker, and he refuses to participate in another theft with them. He asks them for his share of money, but the unprofessional Melander’s crew shoot him and leave him to die on the road. But a farmer’s family finds him and take him to the hospital. He is saved and the disgusted and angered Parker goes out on a mission to take revenge with the Melander’s crew.

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