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Olympus Has Fallen

Mike Banning is retired army ranger and working as leader of US secret services. He is assigned a work to head the US presidential details. President Benjamin Asher and Banning have good friendly relations along with President’s family , wife Margaret and son Connor. On the Christmas evening while driving to camp David for fundraising, the car containing president’s family catches in the accident. Banning is also travelling with them. He can save Asher but Margaret gets killed.

After some time Banning is assigned with another work at treasury headquarters. White house is captured by terrorists leader Kang Yeinsak during a meeting of Asher and south Korean prime minister Lee Tae Woo. The prime minister’s detail contains Dave Forbes who is a former secret service agent. Terrorist capture all top officials and President in a bunker and execute Lee on a live streaming video. The entire detail team gets into Action but can they save President?

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