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The movie begins with a man named Jeffrey, who kills his business partners and his wife after a financial crisis and takes his two daughters, Victoria, who is about three years and Lily who is just one year old. Jeffrey takes them away from their home and intends to kill them, but on the way his car is rammed into the woods and he takes his daughters to an abandoned place.

When he tries to shoot Victoria, a shadowy figure kills him saving the two girls. After five years, Lucas, Jeffery’s twin finds that the two children are alive but are living in the Psychiatric care as they always talk about “Mama”, a maternal figure that protects them all the time. Lucas and his girlfriend, Annabel claims for the custody of the two girls and they gain it. Victoria and Lily move in to live with Lucas and Annabel, a shadowy figure tries to kill the sleeping Lucas and he is landed into coma.

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