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Kick-Ass 2

Dave is retired as Crime fighter and is getting trained by Mindy Macready for becoming a real hero. Chris has accidently killed his mother after his father’s death. His mother was in denial state about her husband’s death. Marcus is the Mindy’s guardian, he comes to know about her fighting against Crime in spite of her promise to quit. Dave has a girlfriend named Katie, she notices strange behaviour of Dave and breaks up with him.

Dave joins the superhero team named Justice Forever. Colonel Stars and Stripes is the leader of this team and other members are Battle Guy, Dr. Gravity, Insect Man, Night Bitch and Tommy. Night Bitch and Kick-Ass start sexual relations with each other. Mindy try to lead normal life and is attempting for a dance team audition. Dave is still convincing Mindy to join the come in the Justice Forever team. She keeps on refusing and goes on a date.

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