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While icemen are harvesting ice, a Kristoff a young boy and his reindeer Sven are also enjoying the ice. Elsa is the Princess of Arendelle and she has cryokinetic powers to create ice, frost or snow. Her younger sister Anna gets accidently injured by her and their parents ask troll king for help. The king can recover Anna but remove all her memories related to magic Elsa has shown her.

As time pass by, both sisters develop rift and they do not even talk to each other. their parents die in a sea storm when the girls reach their teenage. The kingdom decides to coronate Elsa. The Duke of Weselton is attempting to exploite the state for his own profit. Anna is also excited to go out of castle to see Prince Hans. They fell in love with each other. Elsa gets coronated without any trouble and during the party Hans proposes for marriage to Anna.

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