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Transformers: Age of Extinction

This is historic as well as futuristic story. The Creators are aliens who invaded in the times of prehistoric period on earth. They removed the life on earth with “Seeds”. Public in the world is fearing Transformers after watching the Battle of Chicago. The government has stopped all the Autobots joint operations. CIA black op division is created by Harold Attinger and Cemetery Wind. they believe that all the transformers are threat to the country and go on destroying all the Autobots coming in their way.

Lockdown is bounty hunter wit the powers of Cynertronian and want to find Optimis Prime in live state. when Cemetery Wind catches Ratchet, she inquires about the location of Otimus Prime. But Ratchet refuses to provide any information and so Cemetery Wind kills Ratchet. On the other side of the world, investor Cade Yeager is struggleing hard to save his financial positions. His friend Lucas comes to know of the empty theatre. He buys the place, repairs it and sell to Tessa, Cade’s daughter.

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