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The Water Diviner

The film is from the period of year 1919 when the first World War is just ended. The movie takes place in Australia and Joshua Connor is the central character. He is farmer as a water diviner with three sons – Arthur, EdWard and Henry. All his three sons are enrolled in Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or just ANZAC. They were posted to Gallipoli and are reported as dead during the War.

Hearing this heartbreaking news, Joshua’s wife Eliza commits suicide. Joshua then tries hard to find the bodies of his sons and does a funeral of all four together. Joshua then decides to find the place where son’s were got killed in the War. He first comes to Istanbul in Turkey and stays in a hotel which is operated by a widow- Ayshe of the army man. He could not find a way to reach Gallipoli by road. When Ayshe learns about the purpose behind Joshua visit, she helps him.

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