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The Book of Life

At the start of the movie we meet Mary Beth who is working as museum tour guide. She takes a group in her custody for the purpose of secrete tour in San Angel town in Mexico. She starts telling them a story from the Book of Life. Xibalba is ruler of Land of Forgotten. He sets Manolo Sanchez and Joaquin Mondragon for competition over Maria.

Xibalba bets on the Joaquin and Joaquin wins but Xilalba give away the medal of everlasting life to the other guy and thus cheats with Joaquin. In the next scene we see Maria setting the captured pigs free to move and goes to a boarding school in the country – Spain. While departing Manolo gives a pig as gift to Maria and she also give them gift in return – she gives a guitar to Manolo on which the sentence “Always play from the heart” is crafted. She gives her bonnet to Joaquin.

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