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Rio 2

This is an Animation movie on birds staying in the jungle. Ble and Jewel are are blue macaws staying with their three kids – Bia, Carla and Tiago. They are spending their life happily until a day when Jewel comes to know that their kids are behaving more like a human kids than birds. Blu is once owned by Linda and Tulio in the countryside.

Linda and Tulio are set on the expedition in the jungles of Amazon and they fall in a waterfall while walking. They see quick flying spix’s macaw who has lost one of his feather. Jewel watches this news on television and decides to move to Amazon to help the blue macaws staying there. Blu is not sure about how his kids will react over this. Few other birds named Rafael, Nico and Pedro also get ready to go along with them. Blu goes to the shop and get supplies along with one GPS to guide them.

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