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The Comedian

The movie tells about the comedian who endures crisis of middle age. In the past it won fame at public and was very popular humorist. But those times passed, having reserved only a loop of the pathetic memoirs leading to aggression and excessive biliousness. Life of the main character passes behind carrying out mediocre stand-ups in various bars and similar lush institutions, and also a self-torment. Present audience often gets under distribution, after all its age has an effect, and it becomes angered as lines for the whole world.

Its humour differs in cruelty and an offensive manner, quite often there are amusing situations of skirmishes with the audience reaching even fights. And here he decides to give up the career oppressing him and to transfer the bad activity to the necessary and noble course, having closed eyes to the intolerable character. With it it is helped by the young girl, but also to her well gets from the old man. Together they start attending balls, dinners and other secular Actions that

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