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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

A death-defying Action movie that will blow your mind. Ethan Hunt trying to find out what the Syndicate really is and how it has been controlling everything since the beginning of the series. If you like escapes and movies full of wonderfully mastered stunts this movie is your perfect fit. Explosions, car chases, man chases, running, swimming, jumping, flying, exploding, firing, missing, and running again. This movie is everything we want from an Action flick.

A 2 hour long film about how the entire world is managed by just a little group of evil minded people. Just breathtaking Action sequences and a lot of fuzz between it, Ethan Hunt again escaping from the bad guys and following them too. Just watch it right now and find out what’s been troubling this guy for all this time. Great secrets are revealed.

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