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Daddy's Home

A Comedy, Daddy’s Home follows the life and Adventures of a family as they deal with the return of an all-too-familiar family member. Mild-mannered executive Brad Whitaker, stepfather to the two children of his wife Sara wants nothing more than to be a good father to his stepchildren and get them to love him and treat him like a dad. However, when the children’s biological father and Sara’s ex-husband Dusty returns to their life as he tries to re-establish his position as a “dad,” the sweet and gentle Brad finds himself intimidated by the extroverted, athletic and muscular persona of Dusty.

What ensues is a struggle between the two “fathers” as each tries to become the kids’ favourite. Who will the children prefer as a father figure? How will Sara adjust to the mayhem? How will Brad adjust himself with his polar opposite Dusty who is now competing with him for the children’s affection? Watch as valuable lessons on life and love are learnt through this light-hearted Comedy.

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