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The Finest Hours

Bernard Webber or Bernie for short is working at the Coast Guard station located in the Chatham city in Massachisetts. He is working as a crewman. He gets attracted to a local girl named Miriam Peninen who is equally involved in Bernie. They decide that they will get married on 16th April. The rules for Coast Guard state that Bernie should take prior permission from the commander at the station Daniel Cluff.

When Bernie approaches to commander for asking the permission, SS Pendleton a huge oil tanker shears in the sea. All the crew members have to rush to the rescue the operation. During that time Bernie is send to a lifeboat as a pilot in order to rescue the people stuck on The Pendleton. Andrew, Ervin and Richard move along with Bernie as his crew members on the lifeboat. Ray Sybert is an engineer working in the oil carrying Pendleton who is one of the survivor among senior staff.

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