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Eddie the Eagle

The movie begins in the year 1973, where a ten year old boy, Eddie dreams of participating in the Olympics. He practices a lot but fails several times, but his dream of Olympic glory makes him move forWard. He is always encouraged and supported by his mother, who wants to see him making his dream come true.

But it’s not the same with his father, his father always discourages him and forces him to give up on his dreams. In his young teenage, he chooses Skiing in the winter games rather than summer games. He trains himself and succeeds in completing a 15 meter hill just in the first attempt. But when he tries to jump from the 40 meter hill, he is injured. Bronson, tries hard to make Eddie give up, but the spirit and enthusiasm of the boy convince him to become his trainer. Eddie ultimately makes his dream of Olympic glory come true and he is given a title “The Eagle”.

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