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High Strung

The story begins with a dancer named Ruby who comes from the Midwest to the beautiful New York City. She is a very hardworking and talented girl who comes there on scholarship. On the other hand Johnnie is a British and is a very good musician who plays in the subway tunnels for money. Both their worlds collide and destiny brings them together. In the beginning, they both hate each other due to the hip hop clash that goes wrong.

Ruby is classical while Johnnie is street smart and the differences between them make them to compete with each other but destiny had another plan and they can’t resist to the spark that flies between them. To save ruby’s scholarship and to prevent Johnnie from being deported, they join a crew named the SwitchSteps and that’s how they come close to each other and their lives get entangled with the love and affection that they grow for each other with time.

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