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The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie begins in the year 1987, with Jordan Belfort who gets a job as a wall street stockbroker. He is soon lured with sex and drugs that is generally the culture of stockbrokers and he is thought that the only thing that is important in this profession is making money. Jordan along with his neighbor establishes a company. He takes many of his friends and teach them the basics of the firm and scams. They name their firm as Stratton Oakmont. Jordon reaches the peak of success and he gets more and more involved with prostitutes and drugs. He falls in love with another woman named Naomi and they begin an affair. When his wife learns about this, she divorces him. Jordan marries Naomi and they soon have a daughter named Skylar. He begins making more and more money and that’s how he gets into the eyes of the FBI, who begin to investigate about Stratton Oakmont.

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