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This Is the End

The movie begins with Jay Baruchel, who reunites with his old friend, Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen is his fellow actor and Seth invites Jay to a house Warming party at James Franco’s house. As Jay and Rogen attend the party, Jay beings to feel uncomfortable as he doesn’t know anybody there. Rogen takes Jay outside, but they notice a very strange thing there. A beam of blue light descends and take several people in the sky. They run back into the house, where the earthquake strikes and several guests who rush to Franco’s yard lose their lives. The only people that survived are Jay, Rogen, Franco, Hill and Robinson. But the survivors are now facing difficulty in living inside due to the crisis of food. Jay predicts that the Apocalypse has returned as it has been written in the book of revelation. The survivors begin to sacrifice their lives in order to save the rest.

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