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Live by Night

The events of the movie "Live by Night" evolving in America since the dry law. On the eve of the Great Depression and the entire country is immersed in a bleak status and lawlessness is becoming for many of the basic means of earnings. This is the time when no bans could not stop the massive flows of alcohol, current river in the entire network of clandestine bars, conceptualist and clubs under the control of the influential gangsters, ready to go to all that you want to increase your profits.

The son of the heads of the Boston Police Joe, while observing the developments, rotates to the father back to start on the path of lawlessness. Throwing away the principles and standards it starts to go on the gloom. But even the most dangerous criminals there are laws and rules. And the main hero of the movie "Live by Night", available for viewing on our website in online, violating one of the main rules of the sight is not only organized by the criminal world, but the police. But competitors Joe not even realizing that it is their careless Actions will soon lead to the top of the criminal world.

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