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Alice Through the Looking Glass

This is a Fantasy cum Adventure film came in the year 2016. Alice Kingsleigh is sailing the high and rough sea since last three years. She returns to London and comes to know that her ex-boyfriend cum fiance Hamish Ascot has already captured company that belonged to her father. He forces Alice to sell her ship to save the family house already captured by Hamish.

In a confused state of mind Alice runs away where she meets her Absolem her butterfly friend. She takes her to Underland where White Queen, White Rabbit, Tweedles and many other characters welcome her. White Queen urges Alice to save the family of Mad Hatters who has been died in the past. Alice enters the palace of Time where Time is seen in the half human and half clock avatar. From here she can travel to past time and change the events that then occurred. She discovers many things happened in the past and succeed in making everything normal at the end.

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