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Devil in the Dark

The events of the film "Devil in the Dark" begins to develop at a time when two brothers decide to take a break from the bustle of the city and go to the forest. There they are going to distract from domestic problems, socialize, and hunt for wild animals. But they cannot even imagine what they will soon face. Once in the Highlands, they immediately sink into this mysterious silence that reigns in these places. On this site people are infrequent, so the entire forest is at their disposal.

Nothing foreshadowed the troubles, and a short walk from the outset differed from past such joint hikes in the forest. But suddenly the brothers start to see weird shape. The images are haunting, bringing them to near hysteria. With nightfall nightmare begins. And when the brothers realize that need to get out of the forest, comes the realization that it is not so easy as it seems. The nearest settlement is a long way to go, and forest are not going to force their release.

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